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Credit Letters Vol. 1

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Inside this ebook are FCRA consumer law dispute letters used to remove negative accounts from a consumer report. The day has come where you can dispute and remove erroneous accounts on your credit report just like the credit specialist. Consumer Laws are the best way to get results from creditors and credit agencies. The verbiage increases your chances to have your credit report be seen by a human and not verified by the E-OSCAR system.

You can pay a credit company hundreds of dollars to give you mediocre results or you can invest in the knowledge and resources yourself and give yourself higher chances of acquiring a clean credit report with these CREDIT LETERS in the first part of our series.

Letters Included Inside:

  • Medical Collection Letter
  • Debt Validation Letter
  • Late Payment Letter
  • Hard Inquiry Letter
  • Auto Loan Dispute Letter
  • Collection/ Chargeoff Letter
  • CFPB Letter
  • Personal Information Letter
  • Investigation Letter

(Tip: Handwrite these letters for an even greater chance at getting a removal)

You will get the following files:
  • DOCX (8KB)
  • DOCX (8KB)
  • PDF (16KB)
  • DOCX (8KB)
  • DOCX (10KB)
  • DOCX (8KB)
  • DOCX (18KB)
  • DOCX (10KB)
  • DOCX (10KB)

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